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Fiordland Cinema, Te Anau, New Zealand
Fiordland Cinema, Te Anau, New Zealand

Terms & Conditions

Online Booking

Scroll down for ‘Loyalty Programme’ Ts & Cs

Payment Methods
Fiordland Cinema accepts American Express (online only), Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

Booking Fees
Tickets purchased on this website are subject to a Booking Fee per ticket charge which is a non-refundable charge. Any “package” tickets (eg a Family pass / double Ata Whenua combo [2 adult tickets, 2 drinks and 1 DVD]) will be treated as only one ticket. Fiordland Cinema reserves the right to alter any and all fees from time to time and without notice.

Allocated Seating
Screenings of ‘Ata Whenua – Shadowland’ do not have allocated seating – seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Where allocated seating applies to a session (all Feature Movies’), you have the choice of choosing your own seat on the website. Otherwise seat allocation for tickets purchased via this website is a on a “best available” basis. Patrons are not permitted to select the wheelchair bay unless they genuinely require this for disability purposes. Fiordland Cinema reserves the right to cancel a ticket without refund should this wheelchair bay be wrongfully selected.

Amount of Tickets per Customer or “Ticket Limits”
When purchasing tickets on this website you may be limited to a specified number of tickets for each movie session.

Censor Warning
Please check the censor warning before buying the tickets. Those below the specified ‘Restricted’ age for a movie will not be allowed entry, even if they have parental supervision / permission. i.e. children below the age of 13 will not be allowed entry into R13 movie, children below the age of 16 will not be allowed entry into R16 movie  and so on. Please also check for any additional ratings/entry restrictions that may be applicable for movies from time to time.

Where tickets requiring identification are purchased, suitable identification must be presented upon collection of the tickets. Failure to present suitable identification will result in the applicable tickets being forfeited and tickets to alternative suitable shows offered in their place.
This is also relevant where a “package” ticket has been purchased for Ata Whenua, if the beverage is to be alcoholic. Suitable ID for alcohol purchase includes a valid passport, NZ Driving Licence or HANZ 18+ card. Alcoholic beverages will not be served before 10am.

Order Confirmation
If you do not receive a confirmation number (in the form of a confirmation page or email) after submitting payment information, or if you experience an error message or service interruption after submitting payment information, it is your responsibility to confirm the booking. Only you may be aware of any problem that has occurred during the purchase process. Fiordland Cinema will not be responsible for losses (monetary or otherwise) if you assume that an order was not placed because you failed to receive confirmation.

Ticket Collection
Your booking confirmation will be sent via an email to the email address that you entered on the Booking Confirmation page. This confirmation needs to either be printed / presented to cinema Ticket Counter on your smartphone so that the barcode can be scanned and your physical ticket for entry to the movie can be printed. Alternatively, you may provide the credit card used to purchase the tickets for picking up the tickets at the Cinema.

Refunds and Exchanges
Tickets purchased via this website are sold for a specific session only and are sold on a strict no-refund no-exchange and no-transfer basis unless required by law.

Prices on this website include GST where applicable.

Pricing and Other Errors
If the amount you pay for a ticket is incorrect (regardless of whether because of an error in a price posted on this website or otherwise communicated to you), or you are able to order a ticket before its scheduled on-sale or pre-sale date or you are able to order a ticket that was not supposed to have been released for sale, then Fiordland Cinema will have the right to cancel that ticket (or the order for that ticket) and refund to you the amount that you paid. This will apply regardless of human error or a transactional malfunction of this website.

Cancelled/Postponed Events
In the unlikely event that a screening is cancelled or postponed, we will attempt to contact you and refund the amount as per Fiordland Cinema’s policy. Fiordland Cinema may, at its discretion, withdraw any tickets from sale via this website.

Competition Rules
By entering any promotion or competition you are bound by and agree to comply with the competition terms and conditions of that competition.

Need Help?
Contact Fiordland Cinema personnel, during business hours, on +64 (0)3 249 8844 to request assistance with your Booking or Payment.

Modification of terms
Fiordland Cinema reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or modify the website from time to time. The user shall be responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions.

Ticket purchase and billing information
When purchasing tickets through this website you must provide personal details, including credit card billing information. Your credit card details are used for real-time billing of ticket purchases and are not retained on our server. To facilitate your ticket purchase your billing information is shared with our banking gateway partner.

Electronic email addresses
We will record your email address if you transmit it to us electronically. Your email address will only be used for the purpose for which you provide it and will not be added to a mailing list unless you request that this be done. We will not disclose your email address without your consent.

Governing Law
These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with, and shall be governed by, the laws of New Zealand.

Terms & Conditions: Loyalty Programme

1. Definitions
In these Terms and Conditions:

“Loyalty Card” means the card issued by Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar to the Customer.

“Eligible Transaction” means any purchase of qualifying product which is made at a Participating Retailer by a Customer who produces a valid Loyalty Card, and which is recorded by the Participating Retailer by any means authorised by Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar.

“Participating Retailers” means those retailers or suppliers who are authorised by Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar to participate in the Programme by issuing Rewards Points on Eligible Transactions. This includes online ticketing.

“Customer” means any person who is legally entitled to purchase items from Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar.

2. Participation
2.1 Entry into the Programme is as of right for all Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar Customers. Participation consists of presenting the Card when making purchases of Eligible Transactions and thereby collecting Loyalty Card Rewards Points.

2.2 By participating in the Programme a Customer agrees to comply with these Terms and Conditions and gives the authorisations and acknowledgements set out below.

3. Accumulation of Loyalty Card Rewards Points and Redemption
3.1 Loyalty Card Rewards Points are awarded to the Customers’ Loyalty Card account in respect of Eligible Transactions from Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar.

3.2 Loyalty Cards cannot be used in conjunction with any other Loyalty Reward scheme (i.e. current movie / coffee loyalty stamp cards).

3.3 Loyalty benefits are only applicable upon presentation of a valid loyalty card at the time of purchase and cannot be applied / redeemed retrospectively.

3.4 Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar will determine from time to time purchases of which products are Eligible Transactions. Approved products are subject to availability and may be withdrawn or substituted at any time.

3.5 In particular, Reward Dollars will NOT be awarded for purchases of any of the following products:
– When Kai iti (or food from another 3rd party operating from the Black Dog Bar kitchen) is purchased.
– When purchasing gift vouchers.
– When making a purchase using Rewards Points.
– For the ‘booking fee’ component of online bookings.
– Any other products, from time to time, at Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar’s discretion.

3.6 Rewards Points may be cancelled where any Eligible Transaction is cancelled or modified in whole or in part by a Customer or by Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar. The cancellation of Rewards Points may occur at any stage, whether or not the Rewards Points may previously have been redeemed.

3.7 Rewards Points accrue in the Customer’s name only and are personal to that Customer.

3.8 Rewards Points are not transferable to any other person and are not redeemable or convertible for cash.

3.9 Details of a Customer’s Rewards Points, if any, are available by scanning the Customers card at the Point of Sale or logging in to the online ticketing site.

3.10 Customers may earn Rewards Points every time a purchase of an approved product at Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar is made and their Loyalty Card scanned at the cash register. If a Customer is logged onto Fiordland Cinema’s online booking website using their Loyalty Card details when purchasing tickets online, Rewards Points will also be accrued on Eligible Transactions.

3.11 Loyalty Card Rewards Points may only be redeemed in Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar (including Fordland Cinema’s online ticketing website).

3.12 The points value for calculating Rewards Points may change from time to time without prior notice.

3.13 The appropriate number of Rewards Points will be deducted from a Customer’s balance when they redeem Rewards Points for approved products.

4. Duration and loss of rewards
4.1 Fiordland Cinema & Black Dog Bar may amend the duration loyalty memberships are valid for without prior notice.

4.2 Rewards Points which are not redeemed within one year may lapse and be forfeited.

4.3 Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar reserve the right to suspend or exclude a Customer from participating or continuing to participate in the Programme if:
(a) In its opinion the Customer has in any way breached these Terms and Conditions, or acted in a misleading or fraudulent manner in relation to the Programme; or
(b) In its opinion the Customer has acted in a manner inconsistent with the object and intent of the Programme or contrary to the best interests of the Programme or any of its Participating Retailers

4.4 Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar may in its discretion cancel all Rewards Points which have accrued to a Customer if their right to participate in the Programme is suspended or excluded.

4.5 Rewards Points cannot be transferred to any other reward program.

5. Use of Customer information
5.1 By participating in the Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar Loyalty Card programme, Customers give Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar consent to retain personal information and to send updates on future Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar offers by email and/or text messages. Customers can access or request correction of their information by emailing info@fiordlandcinema.co.nz.

6. Change of Law
6.1 In the event of a law change to the current laws of New Zealand surrounding the promotion and sale of alcohol or any other law affecting this Loyalty Programme, Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar reserves the right to cancel any unused reward point balances and may cancel all membership to the Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar Loyalty Card programme, without notice and in such manner as may be necessary to be in full compliance with New Zealand laws. In the event that Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar cancels membership and accrued points under the Fiordland Cinema and Black Dog Bar Loyalty Card programme under this or any other clause in these Terms and Conditions, the Customer shall not be entitled to any compensation, reimbursement or damages as a result of such cancellation.

Fiordland Cinema, Te Anau, New Zealand
Fiordland Cinema, Te Anau, New Zealand